It is Thursday 9th July 2020, which is Summer Vacation Week 7

2016/17 Semester 2 timetable for BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Web Development - Second Year

Note on SPAT: The semester 2 teaching of the SPAT module will comprise a full-time activity between 10am and 6pm every weekday from (provisionally) Tuesday 10th January 2017 to Friday 27th January 2017. Full attendance for the whole three weeks is required.

Other timetables: CS/SE1.1 CS/SE1.2 CS/SE1.3 CS/SE1.4 CS2.1 CS2.2 CS2.3 CSF SE2.1 SE2.2 SE2.3 SEF WD1 WD2 MITF CN1 CN2 CNF MF EE1 IFY MScACS MScCyberSec MScDataSci MScDWBS MScSE or Semester 1 or 2015/16 or 2017/18 or Rooms or Staff