It is Tuesday 11th August 2020, which is Summer Vacation Week 12

2018/19 Semester 2 timetable for Lee Griffiths

Lee Griffiths9:00-9:5010:00-10:5011:00-11:5012:00-12:501:00-1:502:00-2:503:00-3:504:00-4:50

WebProg Workshop with CSFY.1 in Newton140
UXEng Workshop with CSWD2 in Newton242

CliServ Workshop with CS2.1 and SE2 in Newton149
CliServ Lecture with CS2 and CSCS2 and CSWD2 and SE2 in Chapman4
Student Surgery (in office)
CliServ Workshop with CSCS2.2 and CSWD2 in Newton140


WebProg Workshop with CSFY.2 in Newton141
FYP Seminar with CSCSF and CSF and SEF and WDF in PeelLG12 Maxwell339 M822 M808 Newton139 Newton141 (weeks 19-28)
FYP Tutorial with CSCSF and CSF and SEF and WDF in staff offices

CliServ Workshop with CS2.2 and CSCS2.1 in Newton142
Student Surgery (in office)
WebProg Workshop with CSFY in Peel120
CliServ Workshop with CS2.2 and CSCS2.1 in Newton149

This timetable was last mirrored on Tuesday 30th April 2019

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