It is Monday 17th June 2019, which is Summer Vacation Week 4

Student Reps

The names of the "Student Reps" for your course are as follows. Please add "" onto the end of the email address if you want to contact them (I don't give full personal email addresses to make it harder for spammers to harvest their email addresses).

The role of the Student Reps is to represent their year at meetings of the "Computer Science and Software Engineering Staff Student Committee" which meets once per semester. The committee is chaired by Chris Bryant. The first meeting of the academic year will be in early November, and there is another in March. If there is anything you want to raise (about, for example, the admissions process, induction, the IT facilities, or how things are going in the first month of the course) please pass it onto the Reps who will raise it on your behalf.

Being a Student Rep is an important job, and it is important that people take it seriously. In the past, Reps have been instrumental in putting pressure on the University to update the laboratory facilities. So the job can make a difference!