Undergraduate Module Specifications

This page gives a table of all modules on the "Computer Science" based programmes, and lets you see which module is included on which programme. Click on the module name to see the "module specification form" which is the University's documentation describing what the module is about and how it is taught.

Please note that any information on programme and module specifications given on these pages is intended for current students only. Prospective students should use the information given on these pages as a guide only and be aware that programme and module specifications are subject to change. For up to date course details prospective students should visit the following page: http://www.salford.ac.uk/study/a-to-z

These tables show the programmes how they will look in the academic year starting September 2017

CS - Computer Science
SE - Software Engineering
WD - Web Development
MIT- Multimedia and Internet Technology
(o) - optional module

Level 3

Module NameSemesterCreditsExam:CWProgrammes
Computer Programming1200:100CS-FY
Computer Systems2200:100CS-FY
Inside Computer Systems1200:100CS-FY
Web Programming2200:100CS-FY

Level 4

Module NameSemesterCreditsExam:CWProgrammes
Computer System Internals and Linux1+22050:50CSSECS-CS CS-WD
Data Theory1+2200:100   CS-DA 
Database Systems1+220100:0CSSECS-CSCS-DACS-WD
Professional Development and Practices1+22050:50CSSECS-CS CS-WD
Programming 11200:100CSSECS-CSCS-DACS-WD
Programming 22200:100CSSECS-CSCS-DACS-WD
Web Development and HCI1+2200:100CSSECS-CS CS-WD

Level 5

Module NameSemesterCreditsExam:CWProgrammes
AI and Data Mining1+22050:50CS CS-CSCS-DA  
Client Server Systems1+2200:100CSSECS-CS CS-WDWD
Data Structures and Algorithms1+22050:50CSSECS-CSCS-DA  
Data Warehousing1+22050:50   CS-DA  
Industrial Placement Year1+2600:100CSSECS-CSCS-DACS-WDWD
Network Penetration Testing1+2200:100  CS-CS CS-WD 
Networking and Security1+22050:50CSSECS-CS CS-WDWD
Server Side Programming1+2200:100     WD
Software Architectures1+22050:50CSSE CS-DACS-WD 
Software Evolution1+2200:100 SE    
Software Projects with Agile Techniques1+2200:100CSSECS-CS CS-WDWD
System Administration1+220100:0     WD
UX Engineering1+2200:100    CS-WDWD

Level 6

Module NameSemesterCreditsExam:CWProgrammes
Advanced Web Development1+2200:100    CS-WDWDMIT
Analytics Project1+2400:100   CS-DA   
Business Management1+2200:100CS(o)SE(o)CS-CS(o) CS-WD(o)WD 
Computer Graphics1+2200:100CS  CS-DA(o)   
Cyber Investigation1+2200:100  CS-CS    
Dependable Software Engineering1+2200:100 SE     
Information Security Management1+2200:100CS(o)SE(o)CS-CSCS-DACS-WD  
Malware and Exploit Analysis1+2200:100  CS-CS    
Mobile Development1+2200:100CS(o)SE(o)CS-CS(o)CS-DA(o)CS-WD(o)WDMIT
Project for CS1+2400:100CS     MIT
Project for SE1+2400:100 SE     
Security Project1+2400:100  CS-CS    
Software Quality Management1+2200:100CSSE  CS-WD(o)  
Virtual Reality and 3D Games1+2200:100CS(o)SE(o)CS-CS(o) CS-WD(o)WD 
Web Project1+2400:100    CS-WDWD