It is Sunday 16th May 2021, which is Semester 2 Revision Week

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Some words on Google

Google (and search engines in general) are great, but using them well is a significant skill. A quick search will give you some quick results, but spending time on refining the search and looking at the results will give you better results. Google has lots of options many people aren't aware of, for example you can search only recent information (pages which have changed recently), or limit your search to pages on a particular site, or find words in proximity, or lots of other "power user" things. Learning to search properly is a skill worth acquiring.

Some words on Wikipedia

Wikipedia (and wikis in general) are also very useful tools, but it should not be seen as a substitute for proper research. You need to be looking for a range of primary sources (places where original work is first published) so that you can get a range of perspectives and opinions. You should never include any wikipedia page in a citation, as wikipedia is a secondary source and citations should only be to primary sources.