It is Monday 3rd August 2020, which is Summer Vacation Week 11

2019/20 Semester 2 timetable for Rob Hegarty

Rob Hegarty9:00-9:5010:00-10:5011:00-11:5012:00-12:501:00-1:502:00-2:503:00-3:504:00-4:50

PD+P Tutorial with CS1.1 and CS1.2 and CS1.6 in Newton234-237 (weeks 20,22-27)

Student Surgery (in office)
Workshop with CSCSF and MScCyberSec in Newton139

Workshop with CSCSF and MScCyberSec in Newton139
Student Surgery (in office)

PROG2 Workshop with CS1.3 and CS1.4 and CSDA1 in Newton155 Newton156
PROG2 Workshop with CS1.1 and CS1.2 in Newton156 Newton155
PROG2 Workshop with CS1.5 and CS1.6 in Newton155 Newton156


This timetable was last mirrored on Thursday 9th July 2020

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