It is Thursday 21st February 2019, which is Semester 2 Week 4 (University week 22) and is an 'even' week.

2018/19 Semester 2 timetable for BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Cyber Security - Final Year


MobDev Workshop with IDrumm in Newton149
BusMan Lecture with AAntonacopoulos in Newton142

MEA Workshop with KStoddart in Newton139

MEA Workshop with TDargahi in Newton139

VR3D Workshop with NMurray in Newton140
VR3D Workshop with NMurray in Newton140
FYP Lecture with supervisors in PeelG10
FYP Seminar with supervisors in PeelLG12 Maxwell339 M822 M808 Newton139 Newton141 (weeks 19-28)
FYP Tutorial with supervisors in staff offices

ISM Lecture with MSmall in Newton242 Newton245

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